residential_projects_sidebar_photoToday’s landscape architecture is about removing the traditional boundaries of the dwelling and not just planting shade trees, foundation shrubs, and a big lawn to frame the postcard image but about integrating all of the land we have into useful space that we can inhabit and enjoy. Our focus is to create a beautiful extension of your home, one that you can inhabit and enjoy in the same way as you would any other room in your house.


multifamily_sidebar_photoMulti-family housing presents challenges due to large multi-story structures with limited landscape areas, heavy tenant use, and minimal maintenance. We meet those challenges by designing bold and unique landscapes intelligently so that maintenance can be kept to a minimum. We incorporate seating areas and productive gardens to create community and human interaction and quite simply, we feature gardens of texture, color, and fragrance.


educational_projects_sidebar_photoThere is no greater prospect to furnish children a sense of the natural world than in a place they spend a great deal of time; at school. In urban settings where the land is limited, school campuses must utilize every square inch for education and traditional play or sports. As designers we must look for opportunities to provide glimpses of nature and in ways that may not be expected or taken for granted whether it be a grove of trees  that attracts birds or a bank of bougainvillea splashing color down a slope.